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  • What happened in 2016? What's happening in 2017?

    Man-o-man, has it been a hot minute... And it’s certainly hot here at our desert HQ. Can you believe we’re already half-way through the year?! Time sure does fly when you’re rocking out.

    Since we never recapped the previous year like we usually do in January, allow us to take another minute to remind you what we did then, along with what we’ve done so far this year...

    We started 2016 with a “cheap” single by The Lone Sum. It’s a swingin’ little number and you can pay what you want for it right now! Since one good single deserves another, we followed that up with a pair o’ tracks from our favorite villains The 45 Syndicate. A-Side “Blue Flower” is a cool surf nugget engineered to set you up for the kill before “Big Fire” blows the scene with a groove you couldn’t cut with a sword. Finally, the much anticipated full-length LP from The Saturn III was released upon the universe in strictly physical form. It includes all your favorite fuzzed out frequencies plus three exclusive tracks, packaged in a special three-sided sleeve with cover art and a fold-out mini-poster illustrated by our main man-beast Wesley “Get Off The Unicorn” Griffith. There are only 33 of these beauties in existence. Don’t sleep on your chance to claim a copy!

    ... So that was last year, but what’s happening now? Well, we do have some pretty fantastic aces up our pockets for the future, but thus far, 2017 has yielded another slick single from The Lone Sum, written for a girl who undoubtedly has no idea it exists and probably wouldn’t care if she did. Hear it above and formulate your own idea, then download it via Bandcamp. While you’re at it, snap up the second set of sounds by The Dead Gear. It’s dark, heavy and hits twice as hard as their debut. These songs bleed black and white, but they’re the Blues through and through. Listen below...

    That's all for now, but stay tuned. As always, the weirdest is yet to come!