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  • The Saturn III - "Shooting Star No. 9"

    In case you missed it, The Saturn III may be returning to our humble dimension! Last Sunday, the 9th at exactly 9:00pm, the trio released a brand new song: “Shooting Star No. 9” via SoundCloud. Have they finally escaped the black hole to which they were seemingly lost…?

    Their latest transmission came on the heels of a curious tweet earlier in the day (3:00pm, of course) which questioned the band’s own existence, so who knows what sort of state they’re in… What we do know for sure is that this track is the fastest of their catalog, bolting off the line at Mach 5 and clocking in at just shy of 2½ minutes. Perhaps, this newfound speed is what pulled them away from a cold, quiet fate. Listen now and stay tuned. There could be plenty more to come…