• The Lone Sum - "Love In Veins" [EP] Limited Artist Edition CDs Available Now!

    The Lone Sum have recorded a raw rendition of “Looking At You“, originally written by garage godfathers, The MC5 and while it’s tough to get as gritty as the original, this version sure packs a wallop. Clocking in at just 2:22 and dialed up to “double-11s”, this track oughta’ have you singin’ along and pressin’ repeat ‘til the day is done.

    ... And if you’re the type to wear emotion on your sleeve or your favorite lo-fi Rock ‘n’ Rollers on your chest, we’ve added a fresh new t-shirt design to our merch store. It’s 11:11 on 11/11 and the Lone Sum is ”Still no.ONE”!


  • The Rainbow's Beard - "Then Again" Limited Artist Edition CDs Available Now!

    Physical copies of the two-disc deluxe retrospective debut of The Rainbow’s Beard are available now!

    Each disc rests snuggly inside pretty pink inner sleeves, which are housed tightly within a custom cut outer sleeve along with a mini-poster of the bands beautiful mascot (illustrated by our favorite freak, Wesley “’J’ as in ‘.GIF’” Griffith) on the flip-side of the album’s credits.

    The first disc features fourteen tracks which were among the band’s regular repertoire way back when, plus an unlisted bonus track for the die-hards to discover. Meanwhile, disc two spotlights six far out tracks that never quite made it to the live stage or even the ol’ four-track recorder!

    As if all that weren’t enough, we’ve whipped up something wild for the “trick-or-treat” season… Rainbow’s Beard Bubblegum! You read right! The first batch of CDs will also include a stick of gum wrapped in an exclusive download code for even more bonus tracks! Aaaah! That’s just so cool even we can’t keep our composure.

    Yes, this may just be our finest hour, but like all DeaFM releases, these discs are limited edition! Don’t snooze. Order now, rock out, kick ass and chew bubblegum.

    Happy Haunting, Creeps!
  • The Saturn III - "Mean Machine" [Single] Available Now!

    It's been THREE months since "Doomsday" and that marks a perfect opportunity for The Saturn III to release a slick new single in promotion of their most recent release, "Threedom".

    "Mean Machine" was originally written and performed by The Last Poets in 1971 for their album "This Is Madness" as a spoken word piece with minimal percussive instrumentation. Featuring lyrical imagery such as "robot men" and "factories of insanity", it was a ferocious indictment against a society which at one time would have sounded like science fiction. But these dystopian themes are not unexplored amid The Saturn III's space-age doom, and it was with that in mind that the trio embarked on a sort of thought experiment to transform those acerbic words into a groovy, albeit dark tune for an even more advanced epoch.

    Whether you hear it as contemporary commentary or simply psychedelic sci-fi, you can hear it now! Just use the latest gadget to download it via Bandcamp and while you're at it, exercise your "Threedom".

  • Pre-Order "Then Again" by The Rainbow's Beard Now!


    The Rainbow’s Beard have announced release day for their deluxe full-length retrospective debut! To promote the news, a minimalist video teaser has been uploaded to YouTube, featuring the album’s opening track.

    But wait… There’s more!

    Fans can also pre-order the record in standard digital formats to receive six exclusive bonus tracks (which will later only be available on the two-disc physical release), or as a limited edition t-shirt/digital combo featuring a brand new illustration by Wes “KONG“ Griffith.

    Check out the album’s track list and place your order now via Bandcamp, then head on over to YouTube and SoundCloud to spread the sound around

  • The Thegns Of Io. - "Medieval Moon" Limited Artist Edition CD Available Now!

    The bizarre Sci-Fi Folk odyssey that is “Medieval Moon” by The Thegns Of Io. is finally available on appropriately obsolete technology!

    In keeping with our standard of presentation and quality, each CD is “pressed” on ORANGE plastic and housed in an LP-style sleeve with a simple insert. These are strictly limited and available now via Bandcamp. GET YOUR COPY TODAY and try your best to decipher songs like “Mando“ or “Rust“, then attempt to figure out what any of this has to do with Spain!

    This is easily the strangest record we’ve released, so don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of the puzzle.

  • The Saturn III - "Doomsday" [Single] Available Now!

    It’s an overcast day in the desert and that seems like the right kind of day to drop some fuzz on all you freaks and weirdos.

    “Doomsday”, originally written and recorded in 1970 by The Purple Sun out of League City, Texas has been revived and recorded for a brand new day by The Saturn III of outer space. It’s a psyched out nugget slowed down, cranked up and fittingly appropriate for a trio of dead astronauts lost in the void.

    Download it now via Bandcamp and if you haven’t already, snap up some “Threedom” while you’re at it. You’re only three months behind and besides, what better day than Doomsday to catch yourself up...?